Freebies and Gut Health

As part of a whole month of FREE online classes being offered in March at the Trafford House Calm Centre (see below), you can book here to see me doing a short 15 minute talk about

Gut Health on Friday 12th March at midday.

Dates are yet to be confirmed for the full six weeks gut health course which will run in April but if you like the sound of it, sign up to have a taster of what is on offer. If you can’t make the 12th, the video will be available afterwards.

Most people will know that I am somewhat obsessed with gut health, but why not when it is so influential in the body? It’s a fascinating subject and also crucial to get right as a healthy gut is key to so many things including mental health, cognitive function, immunity, weight control, skin health, response to inflammation, autoimmune conditions and sleep as well as the obvious role of digestion and nutrient absorption.

If you are in need of a little calm, or fancy something new then have a look at the Trafford House Calm Centre who run online classes on Kum Nye, Pilates, Kinesiology, self-relaxation and more. For the whole of March, their classes are free. Just follow this link.