Reclaiming health with homeopathy, hair analysis and plants

Conception, Pregnancy, Childbirth & Beyond

Homeopathy provides safe, gentle support for all stages of having a child from conception through pregnancy to childbirth and post-partum. You can also hire birthing kits which contain a range of remedies useful for childbirth and full instructions.

If you are interested in natural parenting, you may like to come along to the group that I run at my house every last Friday of the month. Please click here for more information.


  • Working gently with the body to restore balance and deal with physical or emotional matters which may prevent conception.
  • This applies to both men and women and I can work with couples or individuals.
  • Constitutional treatment to ensure optimum pre-conception health.


  • Symptoms such as thrush, morning sickness, heartburn, cystitis, swollen ankles, aches and pains and general fatigue.
  • Treatment of more serious issues such as high blood pressure and other complications
  • Support with emotional adjustments to pregnancy and imminent parenthood for mums and dads to be.
  • Maximising foetal health.
  • Minimising stretch marks.
  • Antenatal yoga can be very valuable in supporting a healthy pregnancy and allowing you to have the birth you choose. Gail Charlton is a very experienced yoga teacher in Hanley Swan who has helped countless Mums and Dads to be prepare for the arrival of their newborn. Gail has also written a valuable book which summarises the principles she teaches in her classes.


  • Physical and emotional support.
  • Establishing delayed labour, cervix dilation and effective contractions. If labour is still delayed, reflexology can be very effective and works well alongside homeopathy.
  • Pain relief.
  • I can advise those wishing to use homeopathy during childbirth via the ‘phone. Presently I am unable to attend births as part of a team due to my own family committments.
  • £70 for being ‘on call’ plus a pre-birth consultation to discuss your situation.
  • £100 for being ‘on call’ plus a pre-birth consultation as above and a post-partum consultation to discuss healing, post-birth recovery and emotional adjustment.

Hire of homeopathic birthing kits:

  • Contains the most commonly used remedies for childbirth, my contact details and instructions for use.
  • A session prior to the birth (£35 for an hour) with birthing partners, doulas, midwives, friends etc. is useful to explain how the remedies work and how to prescribe them.
  • £10 for two weeks hire of the kit plus £10 refundable deposit.

After the birth:

  • Healing mother and baby.
  • Family bonding.
  • Dealing with emotional issues that may arise in this magical but possibly turbulent time.
  • Information on vaccination and alternatives.

Reclaiming health with homeopathy, hair analysis and plants – Gentle, holistic support to attain your optimal health and potential in life