Reclaiming health with homeopathy, hair analysis and plants

About Me

I was inspired to study homeopathy in 2004 ago after experiencing how wonderful, effective and life expanding it can be. I work with remedies, flower essences, nutrition and deep intuitive reflection to enable the transformative process which is so beautifully expressed through homeopathy.

With my feet in the soil and the basics of life, I also have a passion for supporting gut health, alternative ways of being well and reconnecting people to nature through plant wisdom.

I first encountered alternative therapies after suffering for years with a series of low grade infections and ailments which, while not life threatening, were making life feel pretty grey. The doctors did not have a lot to offer so I decided to see a homeopath, without really knowing what to expect. My appointment lasted over an hour and, while we talked about my symptoms, we also talked about me as a person: what I liked and did not and what made me tick.

I was duly sent off with four packets of remedies and asked to come back in a month. I began to understand that homoeopathy is not about going to someone to ‘get fixed’ – it is about starting on a journey that will lead you to health, in which the practitioner and the client both play a part.

I started to feel better! My energy improved and I did not get the niggling symptoms which had been bothering me. It is not really until you are well that you realise how much you were struggling before. I was so inspired by my experience that I decided to become a homeopath myself. During my studies and now in my work, I have been continuously amazed by the results that this therapy produces in very serious pathology, mental and emotional issues and everyday ailments.

I trained at The Homeopathy Colllege in Birmingham and have developed my skills through:

  • experience at the Homoeopathic Health Centre in Mumbai, India
  • work at a clinic treating HIV positive people in Liverpool
  • providing homeopathic first aid at festivals with The Travelling Homoeopaths Collective
  • supporting my own patients at clinics throughout the Midlands (Malvern, Worcester and home visits).
  • being senior tutor at the Midlands College of Homeopathy and supervising student clinics as well as qualified homeopaths
  • further study and a delight in new books.

Soon after I started practising, friend, homeopath and aura consultant Jacqui Worrall showed me exactly what happened to the aura as a remedy was taken. It was fascinating to see what the changes produced, how quickly they happened and how long they lasted.

As my interest in alterative therapies grew and my understanding of the energetics of life increased, I started to explore Reiki and am now a level II practitioner, trained in Worcester by Reiki Master Bob Wooler. While people can come to me for just one therapy, having this experience allows me to have a truly holistic perspective.

Reclaiming health with homeopathy, hair analysis and plants – Gentle, holistic support to attain your optimal health and potential in life