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Orchid Card Readings and Essences

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Explore how using a beautiful set of Orchid Essence Cards will increase awareness of patterns, lessons, opportunities and journeys in your life while the essences themselves help release blockages and allow you to move on. The reading:

  • Intuitively clarifies underlying themes in your life
  • Reveals the appropriate Orchid Essences to guide and support you in moving forward.

Thank you over and over again! I can honestly say that was one of the best ‘readings’ I’ve had in a long time. Completely blew me away and has helped me enormously.’ (LC)

‘Having recently embarked on a new career, I was feeling somewhat unsure about where this new venture was taking me. My orchid essence reading with Kelda really helped me to understand the ‘blocks’ that were stopping me from moving forward and using the essences themselves was an immensely powerful experience. I found I was able to ‘tune in’ to my intuition with ease and insights into my true path came thick and fast. I feel I can now move forward with clarity of purpose. Thank you Kelda for this wonderful experience! ‘ (AS)

The essences are made in Scotland on the Isle of Gigha without any damage to the plant at all. This gentle process seems to give the essences a very profound effect. There is more information on the essences (and some astonishing pictures of the orchids) on this website.

It’s a privilege to use these essences – they work at a very profound level to rebalance the chakras, reveal and clear blocks and enhance fundamental soul qualities. They can be useful if you are starting something new, at a crossroads in life, feeling stuck or simply curious about the opportunities and lessons that life is presenting. I first became interested in them after aura photography showed how they almost instantly rebalanced chakras and have enjoyed exploring their potential.


What are Orchid Essences?

Building on a long tradition of using flowers therapeutically, these Orchid Essences are made using a unique non-cutting method which ensures that their full vibrancy and vital energy is transferred into the essences. However, rather than remedying negative emotional states, these essences are enhancers – that is, they enhance fundamental soul qualities. While they do work powerfully and gently on physical aspects, emotional states and the energy body, their unique value lies in their actions on the energy centres (chakras) which lie above the body. These are the ones associated with spiritual development and our ability to be at one with life.

They are made by suspending orchids above a bowl of pure water in an undisturbed place and leaving them for 24 hours. The water is then poured gently over the blooms and then mixed with organic French cognac to prevent bacterial and fungal growth but also to ‘anchor’ the etheric energy of the plant. On a physical level they contain the bioelectric quality of the flower but more importantly, they carry vital information from the plant which can be used to remedy certain states within the body, mind and soul.

What to Expect from a Consultation

While it is possible for me to simply prescribe the appropriate essence, I prefer to work with clients within a ‘reading’ of the Orchid Cards. Each essence has a picture card associated with it and they can be used in a similar way to Tarot of Medicine Cards to reveal patterns and themes within your life or subconscious as well as illuminating challenges, opportunities and ways forward at particular crossroads and stages in life. Some examples of useful times to have a reading are when you are:

  • Feeling stuck
  • Starting a new job or relationship
  • Trying to understand dynamics with family, friends or loved ones
  • Making important decisions
  • Or simply curious about the flows, energies and lessons that life is presenting.

The essences work are incredibly gentle but work at a very profound level. The effects are unique to each person but they can help to:

  • rebalance chakras
  • clear blocks
  • restore energy and physical wellbeing
  • allow us to access and deal with shadow aspects
  • improve emotional states
  • release suppressed emotion
  • reveal our inner wisdom.

Please do get in touch to discuss how a reading could help you.

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