Reclaiming health with homeopathy, hair analysis and plants

Hair Analysis

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What is hair analysis?

Have you ever wondered whether you are:

  • Deficient in vitamins or minerals?
  • Suffering from environmental toxicity?
  • Intolerant to any foods?
  • Dehydrated?
  • Not getting the most from your life?

Hair analysis is a non-invasive system of investigation which uses a small sample of your own hair to test energetically for the issues outlined above. The results allow you to make changes to your lifestyle and diet which will allow your body to function to its best ability, giving you the freedom to enjoy life fully. Many people also find that they effortlessly shed excess weight as the body releases toxins.

I started analysing hair to support my homeopathic practice when I discovered that some people simply were not getting well, despite using the correct remedies. By identifying underlying problems and making simple changes, these people were able to regain their health more quickly.

What to expect

You provide a small sample of your hair (usually taken from the back of the neck to be unobtrusive) which I test, using dowsing, for anything which might be causing you a problem in your diet or lifestyle. This can be posted or given to me during a consultation. You receive a report detailing issues with:

  • Food: fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds, pulses, fats, meats, fish, herbs, spices, sweeteners, beverages
  • Drugs
  • Chemicals
  • Toxins: electromagnetic, metals, petrochemicals, radiation
  • Clothing: synthetic, natural
  • Surroundings: pollens, animals, smoke etc.
  • Deficiencies: water, vitamins, minerals

This will allow you to make changes to your diet or environment which gives you the best possible chance of achieving full health.

Frequently asked questions

Does it matter if my hair is dyed?
No, the hair simply acts as an enegetic representative of the body which is easily accessible for testing. I could test the whole person but taking a small sample of hair is easier.

Will you provide recommendations on what to do following the results of analysis?
I am not a nutritionist but can make suggestions regarding where to go for further support in the case of a vitamin or mineral imbalance and can give you general advice on a balanced diet. Homeopathic remedies can help with other problems and I can prescribe for you if you wish. Some issues may simply require a change to your environment and I can help you plan what needs to be done.

How long will it take?
Depending on how busy I am, I can usually provide you with the results of the analysis within a week of receiving the hair sample.

How does weight loss result from reducing toxicity?
If the body has toxins it cannot get rid of, it aims to store them as far away from vital organs as possible. For this reason, it may begin to produce extra fat where it can deposit toxins safely. As the toxic load of the body, this extra storage is no longer required and often disappears naturally.

What is dowsing?
To dowse is to search for something that is hidden using a simple tool. It is an ancient practice and has been used for many years for finding water, site surveys and supporting health. Please see The British Society of Dowsers website for more information on this fascinating art.

Reclaiming health with homeopathy, hair analysis and plants – Gentle, holistic support to attain your optimal health and potential in life