Reclaiming health with homeopathy, hair analysis and plants

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24th September 1.30-4 in Malvern: £35 including ingredients

You will receive a brief introduction to why gut health is important and learn how to make fermented piccalilli, lacto-fermented lemons and probiotic cashew ‘cheese’. All you need to bring is some basic cooking equipment and some containers.



2-3 (online) on 13th, 20th October, 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th November.

If you cannot make any (or even any at all) of the dates, I will be recording the Zoom sessions so you can catch up in your own time. You will also receive a handbook to refer to later.

Take care of your family’s health in everyday situations. This course will provide you with an insight into the philosophical background as well as the basic methodology of first aid and acute prescribing in homeopathy. For example, childhood fevers, teething troubles, ear infections, coughs colds, flus, stomach bugs, minor injuries, vomiting, diarrhoea etc. Learn how to use quick and effective homeopathic methods to ease first aid symptoms. No prior knowledge of homeopathy or medicine required. On completion of the course you will have the ability to treat your family in acute situations. CPD certificate available.

Cost £70 (refundable from first year fees of Midlands College of Homeopathy if you wish to take the course)


Talks, Courses and other Events

Please see costs for information on my fees.
As well as working at events, I run courses on various homeopathic and health related subjects, give talks to groups such as spiritual development groups, WIs, gardening groups, Probus or women’s groups and hold short workshops on topics to suit the audience as requested.

I run courses which can be tailored to your requirements. Examples of these include:

  • Basic homeopathy for treating family and friends
  • Homeopathic first aid
  • Homeopathy for pregnancy and birth
  • Homeopathy for travelling abroad
  • Homeopathy for babies and children

Courses can be varied in length, subject and level of detail. Please contact me to discuss your preferences and needs.


Short, evening workshops (8 – 9pm)  covering a range of topics including:

  • PMT and the stresses of life
  • Coughs and sneezes
  • Energy for life.

If you would like me to run a workshop for your group then please contact me to discuss topics and timings.


I offer a variety of talks to women’s groups, gardening groups, spiritual gatherings, ante-natal groups and others. Subjects have included:

  • Cures from the garden
  • Lessons from plants
  • Homeopathy for health
  • Homeopathic first aid
  • Homeopathy for pregnancy and childbirth
  • The history of homeopathy: from purges to provings
  • Natural remedies for women
  • Homeopathy for mind, body and spirit.

“I must admit I was a bit sceptical of the subject…however, I`m glad I did book you. I have had very positive feed back from our members. There was a member of ours in your audience who was in the health care as a professional who praised your presentation.” Ray Gavin of the Worcester East Probus Group

I have given talks to the following groups:

  • Buttercups Connections
  • Worcestershire Organic Gardening Group
  • Worcester East Probus Group
  • Malvern Rotary Club
  • Worcester Ladies’ Club
  • Malvern Ladies’ Luncheon Club
  • Malvern Probus Group
  • North Cotswolds Homeopathic Group
  • South Worcestershire MS Group

Please do contact me if you are interested in a talk and would like to discuss topics to suit your group.


I work with the Travelling Homeopaths Collective, offering treatment for acute conditions at various events and festivals throughout the summer.

This year I will also be at the Hellens Garden Festival (12th and 13th June). Here’s a taster of what I talked about at the Reimagined online festival last year.

Reclaiming health with homeopathy, hair analysis and plants – Gentle, holistic support to attain your optimal health and potential in life