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Homeopathy for Family and Friends Course

Back by popular demand! Learn the basics of homeopathic prescribing for first aid (online)

5th or 18th June 9.30-3 (with breaks) via Zoom.

Take care of your family’s health in everyday situations. This course will provide you with an insight into the philosophical background as well as the basic methodology of first aid and acute prescribing in homeopathy. For example, childhood fevers, teething troubles, ear infections, coughs colds, flus, stomach bugs, minor injuries, vomiting, diarrhoea etc. Learn how to use quick and effective homeopathic methods to ease first aid symptoms. No prior knowledge of homeopathy or medicine required. On completion of the course you will have the ability to treat your family in acute situations. CPD certificate available.

Cost £70 (refundable from first year fees of Midlands College of Homeopathy if you wish to take the course)


Mental Health Awareness Week

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and I am delighted to see that there is a focus on connecting with nature. There are lots of good resources and interesting information here.

I would also like to raise a cheer for all of those homeopaths across the world who support clients with their mental health challenges, addressing underlying issues and facilitating the process of change with homeopathy. It is always pleasing when research backs up our experience, showing that homeopathy is ‘an effective method to treat anxiety and depression disorders’ with a sustained effect’.

Beyond Placebo

An interesting short YouTube video. Experts who know the current scientific literature explain how laboratory and clinical studies contradict the idea homeopathy is only a placebo effect.