Homeopathy at the Core

A nice reminder from the Society of Homeopaths

  • More than 200 million people all over the world use homeopathy on a regular basis.
  • Homeopathy is included in the national health systems of a number of countries, including Brazil, Chile, India, Mexico, Pakistan and Switzerland.
  • In India, 100 million people depend solely on homeopathy for their medical care and the country has more than 200,000 registered homeopathic doctors who are trained in both conventional and homeopathic medicine.
  • In Europe, 100 million EU citizens, use homeopathic medicines in their day-to-day healthcare, and homeopathy is practised in 40 out of 42 European countries.
  • In the UK, it is estimated that six million people, around 10 per cent of the population, use homeopathy as part of their healthcare.