Things That Help

I hope that this finds you well and in good spirits. I am feeling very blessed by the sunshine and by nature springing into life around us. And it’s a chance to do things differently. Not always by choice admittedly but an opportunity none-the-less.

When we are forced to stay closer to home, we examine things more deeply. In a physical sense, my family and I have been exploring new paths and have found woods just a mile from home that we never knew existed.

On a personal level, the less we are able to ‘do’ the more we get to know ourselves, our patterns, our responses and our ways of being. And those we live with if we are not on our own. While this can feel like a gentle unfolding and expanding into space we didn’t previously have, sometimes it raises uncomfortable feelings and questions.

This can feel harder than usual in the face of endless speculation and very obvious concerns and may feel overwhelming. I am reminded of the story of the boy and his grandfather watching two wolves fighting. The boy asks ‘who will win?’. The grandfather replies ‘whichever one you feed’. This shows us that whatever we give our attention to will prevail – if we focus on fear then it will gain more significance in our lives than the positives. I’m not advocating blindly ignoring the issues but nurturing ourselves and keeping a balance is vital.

The internet is awash with a load of brilliant resources: yoga sessions, guides on meditation, podcasts and I could create a vast list but here are just a few that stand out for me.

  • A brilliant essay which seems (to me) to offer an intelligent and balanced overview of the situation:
  • A great virus protection protocol from the Medical Medium.
  • A beautiful gong bath.
  • A reminder from the Trauma Network UK (via Facebook) that a lot of these feelings are a perfectly normal response in the face of a global issue. Click here.
  • Good feedback about homeopathy in the news!

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